Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Get Your Claws On The Wolverine Today

Get what I did there ... claws ... I'm so funny.

It's Tuesday and that means new movie day. Don't miss out on The Wolverine with Hugh Jackman. This story follows Wolverine during his time in Japan where, like most heroes in a sequel, he struggles with wanting his powers or not. Also there is a cool Silver Samurai in it. A very underrated villain in my opinion.

Remember Superman 2 when Kal-El decided he wanted to be Clark Kent forever so he could hook up with Lois Lane. It's kind of like that but this hero has more hair and attitude. Plus he smokes and drinks. So yeah maybe not exactly the same thing.

Anyway, the DVD or Blu-Ray or OnDemand release is today for your enjoyment. It's not the strongest superhero movie out there, but it is better than the origins movie with that horrible rendition of Deadpool. I mean he was cool to begin the movie with his one liners and all, but then they just treated him like a red-headed step child.

Who green lit that idea? Probably the same guy who thought it would be cool to make that abomination of a Green Lantern movie. Wait a minute, I see a pattern here. Oh Ryan Reynolds why have you forsaken us. It's ok I still like two guys, a girl and a pizza place.

Here is the trailer for The Wolverine. It's worth a rental if you didn't shell out your life savings to go see it in the theater. I mean Redbox is like what a dollar. Yeah, it's worth a dollar.

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