Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Chris' Annual "What They Should Do" NFL Mock Draft

I'm a nerd. I'm a comic book nerd. I'm a Magic the Gathering nerd. I'm also a huge draft nerd. Football, Basketball, and Fantasy Football drafts are my favorite things. Every year I release this first round NFL mock draft where I play the GM for each team. This mock draft will probably never happen. Yet this is how it should happen.

Let's put the Texans on the clock!

Pick 1 - Houston Texans - Jadeveon Clowney - DE

If Houston doesn't grab Clowney then it is because somebody offered a ton of picks and their first born. No matter who picks here this should be the player. He's a true once in a generation player with talents never seen before at his position. If work ethic is the biggest concern then JJ Watt will make all the Texans fears go away.

Pick 2 - Tampa Bay Bucs - Sammy Watkins - WR

The Rams are great at the draft and they need a lineman. There are three good LT in the draft. They can move back to get one of them plus value. The Bucs want a WR to go with Vjax. Tampa Bay will probably give up their 7th pick plus a 2nd and a 4th to move up. It might cost them a 1st next year instead of the 4th if there are multiple interests from teams. Watkins makes Tampa one of the most dangerous young offenses in the game.

Pick 3 - Jacksonville Jaguars - Blake Bortles - QB

Jags would love to move this pick. Too bad the two players worth trading up for go at 1 & 2. Jacksonville will grab the QB they need to build their franchise around. Bortles is easier to sell to the coaches and owner than Johnny Football.

Pick 4 - Cleveland Browns - Greg Robinson - LT

Browns need a QB but they have tons of picks. They'll address that later. An elite LT is a must to win in this league. They have a stud WR and TE. Now they need a guy to keep their future QB healthy. Robinson is the best tackle and probably the 2nd best player in the draft.

Pick 5 - Oakland Raiders - Mike Evans - WR

Oakland likes over hyped wideouts. They should take a LT or Mack here. They won't. Wouldn't be shocked if they went way off the board for this pick. Evans will be some teams #3/4 WR in 4 years.

Pick 6 - Atlanta Falcons - Jake Matthews - LT

Keep Matt Ryan from getting rushed and the Falcons win. Matthews does that. Welcome back to the playoffs ATL.

Pick 7 - St. Louis Rams - Taylor Lewan - LT

Rams get the left tackle they need and grab some picks from Tampa Bay. Jeff Fisher likes players with a nasty streak. Lewan is a more talented Richie Incognito. 

Pick 8 - Minnesota Vikings - Derek Carr - QB

The Vikings will get a QB here. They wanted Bortles. If Johnny Football was over 6 feet tall he'd be the pick. The vikes draft carr and then sign his brother to play back up. His arm makes this pick sellable to the fan base, especially with Patterson to throw to.

Pick 9 - Buffalo Bills - Eric Ebron - TE

Buffalo is all about upside and potential. CJ Spiller and EJ Manuel are shining examples of this. Ebron could be the best TE in the league in 4 years. He also could be Heath Miller. Not a bad pick but not work the 9th pick.

Pick 10 - Dallas Cowboys - Johnny Manziel - QB

Jerry loses his mind with each pick that Manziel falls. He finally sells out to the Lions. He trades their 16th pick, a 3rd, and a 5th to move up to grab the ultimate ticket seller. Tony Romo throws an interception.

Pick 11 - Tennessee Titans - Khalil Mack - OLB

Titans kinda want a QB and could use a CB, but Mack drops right into their lap. The beer flows freely in the war room.

Pick 12 - New York Giants - Aaron Donald - DT

Giants like to replenish the D-Line as the solution to all their problems. Donald is the best DT in the draft. Not sexy but it works.

Pick 13 - St. Louis Rams - Ha Ha Clinton-Dix - S

Rams got their LT. Now they get to grab Ha Ha as a luxury pick. He'll help push the Rams into a top 5 defense.

Pick 14 - Chicago Bears - Justin Gilbert - CB

Bears wanted Aaron Donald. They need a CB to stop all the great wideouts in their division. They take Gilbert over Dennard because his ball hawk skills are more attractive to the Bears def style.

Pick 15 - Pittsburgh Steelers - Darqueze Dennard - CB

Steelers don't know how Dennard fell to them but they are excited. Probably the best fit between player and team in the draft.

Pick 16 - Miami Dolphins - Zack Martin - OT

Lions get screwed by their trade back by losing out on their top three targets. They decide to double down. Dolphins want Martin to sure up their O-line. Dolphins give DET the 19th pick and a 3rd rounder.

Pick 17 - Baltimore Ravens - Odell Beckham Jr. - WR

Flacco needs targets and Beckham is that kind of target. Ravens get their real #1 option.

Pick 18 - NY Jets - Kyle Fuller - CB

Rex likes defense. He loves to draft it. Jets need a lot of help but Fuller is the last elite CB left on the board. Best player available rule takes effect here.

Pick 19 - Detroit Lions - Calvin Pryor - S

Lions fear losing out on a top tier secondary player. Pryor will lay wood and probably pick up some fines for it. He'll fit in perfect.

Pick 20 - Arizona Cardinals - Ryan Shazier - OLB

This pick has been a no brainer for weeks. Shazier probably already owns an apartment in Phoenix. 

Pick 21 - Green Bay Packers - CJ Mosely - ILB

Packers fill a need. Mosely is a solid Bama linebacker. He'll be a fan favorite for years.

Pick 22 - Philadelphia Eagles - Brandin Cooks - WR

Super fast, runs great routes, and is amazing after the catch. Plus Coach Chip used to watch him burn the Ducks in Pac 10 play. DeSean Who?

Pick 23 - Kansas City Chiefs - Marqise Lee - WR

KC needs weapons. They should grab a QB. Lee will be a good Steve Smith style receiver. 

Pick 24 - Cincinnati Bengals - Morgan Moses - OT

Cinci needs O-line help. Moses will be the last gift the team gives Andy Dalton.

Pick 25 - San Diego Chargers - Anthony Barr - OLB

He plays down the road at UCLA. He is the pass rusher they need in a division with less than fleet footed QBs. He'll play well with T'eo. 

Pick 26 - Dallas Cowboys - Dee Ford - DE

The Browns get the QB they want in Tony Romo. They give up the 26th pick but get a conditional 2015 5th rnd with Romo in return. Dallas gets a speed rusher to replace Ware and sell out their games as Manziel is announced the starter.

Pick 27 - New Orleans Saints - Bradley Roby - CB

Off the field issues be damned. The Saints see talent first. Roby will start game 1 and could be the rookie of the year. He also could be the best player in prison.

Pick 28 - Carolina Panthers - Cody Latimer - WR

With Steve Smith gone then the Panthers need to fill one spot ahead of all others. Latimer is the most solid receiver in the draft. He does everything well and nothing great. At worst he'll end up the teams #2 wide out in 3 years.

Pick 29 - New England Patriots - Jason Verrett - CB

Patriots enjoy value for their picks. Verrett is undersized but plays bigger than he is. He is the kind of player that thrives in New England. The best get better.

Pick 30 - San Francisco 49ers - Stephon Tuitt - DE

Aldon Smith is one more mental breakdown from being banned from the league. Tuitt is a backup plan that could be a true stud. His motor keeps him from being a top 10 player. 49ers will fix that.

Pick 31 - Denver Broncos - Joel Bitonio - OT

Denver needs to protect the QB. Bitonio can play all five position on the O-line. He'll plug where needed and his effort will make him a locker room favorite. This pick benefits the man who will replace Peyton more than it does Manning this year.

Pick 32 - Seattle Seahawks - Allen Robinson - WR

Percy Harvin showed why the Vikings traded him last year. He's talented yet can't stay on the field. Golden Tate is a Lion. The Seahawks grab Robinson to help Wilson with a HUGE target. Great dump and run receiver. His size will help when Wilson gets flushed from the pocket.


That's my 2014 NFL Mock Draft. Again the draft won't probably go at all like this but it should. Enjoy and remember that we draft Magic The Gathering each Thursday night with sign up at 6:30 PM.