Thursday, December 5, 2013

The League of Extraordinary Nerds

Have you heard of League of Legends?

I'm guessing once you stop smacking your head and cursing at me under your breath you'll say, "duh". It is the most popular video game in the world. I, like some reading this blog, just found my way to LoL thanks to watching a small segment on HBO Real Sports about cyber athletes. You can watch that cool feature below.

I used to be a big gamer. I spent a whole summer once locked in a room churning my way through disc after disc of Final Fantasy 7. I even screamed for the Horde when World of Warcraft first came out. A couple of years ago being a gamer fell more to the wayside in favor of full on comic booking and an overabundance of fantasy football.

Now that the store is getting up and running I have been doing my best to learn about all things nerd, even the stuff outside of my little bubble. That is why Nerdageddon has gotten into League of Legends. You can find us on line by our gamer tag: nerdageddonccc.

I must remind you, we are still real new at this. If this is truly a sport then myself and my wife are probably at about tee ball level as players. Not even cool tee ball, but the one where your dad had to hold the ball in place while you swung. So be gentle.

I do however hope that if you are a player that you'll find us online and maybe grab a game with us. If you're not a player then what is stopping you? It's free to play! If you sign up then please look us up.

Hope to game with you soon and check out this cool video from the world championships.

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