Thursday, July 16, 2015

Casual Gamer: Origins

Getting Back To Basics

Origins is upon us! 

We get to learn where the epic journey of five of our favorite Planeswalkers began. There are some pretty sweet cards being releasedx including the flipwalkers. My favorite happens to be Disciple Of The Ring but I have to bring in my second choice of Willbreaker. These two work really well together.

Disciple is a versatile card in a control deck. Your counters and draw spells get to be extra fuel for whatever situation may arise. Even better is how Disciple tags up with Willbreaker. 

Your Willbreaker is super powerful but kinda fragile. 3 toughness isn't hard to deal with. Also remember all critters collected return to your opponent when Willbreaker goes bye bye. Not a fun scenario. Luckily Disciple can add some protection with an endless barrage of noncreature counters.

Even better is Disciple can recruit creatures for 1 measly mana. Just simply exile an instant or sorcery then untap your friend's Siege Rhino. Now you have a Siege Rhino. 

Looking at these two cards, and reading about the lore behind Origins, made me think about when I started Magic. Today I love me some red burn but when I was a tiny planeswalker, I preferred blue control. That's why I decided to return to my origins with a deck built on my old gaming budget: $40. 

$40 doesn't seem like much but to a 13 year old kid in 1993, that was a fortune. It also happened to be a month's worth of allowances. I would say I've been a budget builder since birth. Here is what I brewed up:

"Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo"

Creatures (15)

4 Nyx-Fleece Ram

4 Sigiled Starfish

2 Eidolon of Rhetoric

2 Willbreaker

3 Disciple of the Ring

Spells (22)

2 Anticipate

2 Curse of the Swine

2 Disdainful Stroke

3 Reality Shift

3 Valorous Stance

4 Negate

2 Banishing Light

4 Dissolve

Lands (23)

2 Evolving Wilds

4 Tranquil Cove

7 Plains

10 Island

Sideboard (15)

2 Ajani's Presence

2 Gods Willing

2 Icy Blast

3 Erase

3 Neutralizing Blast

2 Divination

1 Ojutai's Command

I couldn't think of a fun nickname for this deck but Breakin' 2 just kept popping up in my head. 

The deck is pretty simple. Stall out until you can lock down the board. Use your Rams as blockers and slow trickle life gainers. Starfish are great blockers plus they'll make sure your draw is not a dead one. They also both can block 2/2, which will be the main creature type they face. 

In fact all creatures in this deck can block 2/2 attackers. Reality shift & Curse will help turn any Rhino or Dragonlord into a manageable situation. This allows you to let creature spells be cast in the mid-game while saving higher counters for board killers like Atarka. 

Originally I wanted to squeeze a Brimaz in here but budget friendly he isn't. So I put Eidolon of Rhetoric. This card will grind the game to a halt. It also will help you protect a board advantage because Disciple can counter noncreature without exhausting your one spell a turn. 

Once the board is on lock you can pick your win. Simply use the Disciple for a few smacks or take what creatures they have to overrun them. A fun one is to use Curse Of The Swine with Willbreaker. All their creatures become yours then get exiled for an army of pigs.

Nothing better than a pig bomb. 

All in all this deck with sideboard costs a few pennies under $40 to put together. Again I made budget decisions like dropping Brimaz and choosing Evolving Wilds over Flooded Strands. Those two moves alone saved me $50 in budget.

This deck probably won't win any world championships but it will give opponents headaches. It gives you a punchers chance, which is all you can ask in budget brewing.

Origins releases this Friday with a Fat Pack Battle during FNM at 7PM. Entry is $40 and each player receives an Origins Fat Pack to build a deck with. Prizes determined by the number of players. We'll also have booster boxes, intro decks, toolkits, clash packs, and booster packs available when our doors open at noon. 

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